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Design Flexibility

Customise your landscape gas fire with complete flexibility of design. Choose from oak or rustic log fuel beds, five ceramic back liners and two trim designs – all with the choice of Fireslide control or an advanced remote control for the ultimate convenience.

You can pick your preferred back liner from vermiculite, black, slate, mirrored black or brick, together with two trim designs (Edge and Grande), each in a choice of four colours; chrome, brushed chrome, anthracite and black. The Inspire collection can also be wall-mounted or purchased with a high-quality surround (excluding 1000 model) – both available with a frameless kit which requires no trim.

The 400 Fireslide Luminaire is the first inset model in the Inspire range, offering a choice of three back liners, two trims each available in three-sided or four-sided designs, as well as a choice of three luxurious suites.

Flexible Installation

The Inspire 500, 600, 800 and 1000 can be wall-mounted with a frameless kit or choice of trim, whilst the 400 model provides an inset option with a unique campfire fuel bed and choice of trims. All Inspire fires (excluding 1000) can also be incorporated into a choice of surround suites, each made from natural limestone, to create a stunning focal point in the home. The fires are glass fronted and the 500, 600, 800 and 1000 models offer a choice of fuel bed and ceramic back liner, giving you exactly the design you want to suit your living room.

For added flexibility of installation, a gather hood connector kit, designed exclusively for the Inspire collection, allows the fire to connect to a flexible flue system.

Even servicing is made easy, thanks to the way in which the entire burner assembly slides out.

Engine Options

400 Range
500 Range
600 Range
800 Range
1000 Range



Brushed Chrome


Note: The Inspire 400 model comes with a choice of a 3-sided or 4-sided trim and is available in the above design and colour finishes



Brushed Chrome


Note: The Inspire 400 model comes with a choice of a 3-sided or 4-sided trim and is available in the above design and colour finishes

Inspire 600 Napoli Suite shown with frameless kit
Inspire 1000 shown with frameless kit

Note: The Inspire 400 model is not available with the option of a frameless kit

Black Liner

Brick Liner

Mirrored Glass Liner

Slate Liner

Vermiculite Liner

Note: The Inspire 400 model is only available with a choice of black, mirrored glass and vermiculite liners

State of the Art Controls

For the ultimate in convenience, all fires in the Inspire collection also come with Valor’s unique Fireslide control, a first of its kind for premium gas fires, which lets you easily adjust the flame output with a simple slide control.

The 500, 600, 800 and 1000 models also support the option for an advanced remote control, offering a host of features from the comfort of the armchair including on/off, output control and operation modes including thermostatic, eco and programme modes.

Fireslide Control

Fireslide control

Remote Control

Remote control

Remote Control

Inspire 400 Fireslide control

A Suite Solution

Complete your focal point Valor Inspire fire with a choice of two surrounds, each made from high-quality, carefully selected natural materials and suitable for all decors.

With a quality Valor surround, your fireplace installer can leave you with a complete solution that combines warmth, style and aesthetics in your living space.

Choose from the Atalanta suite for the Inspire 400, Palermo or Vicenza suites for Inspire 400 & 500, Napoli or Verona for Inspire 600 and Abruzzo or Messina for Inspire 800.

The Inspire Collection surrounds are made from beautiful materials naturally formed over millions of years, they have very individual features and characteristics encapsulated within them. From inside the raging furnaces of a cooling world are the close up flowing swirls and veins of molten rocks and from the crashing shores of oceans long ago, there are the shells and fossils nestled among the silt and shingle of ebbing tides.

Inspire 400
Inspire 500
Inspire 600
Inspire 800
Inspire 1000
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Technical Information

The Inspire collection offers a choice of four high quality models - bringing a touch of luxury into your living room. Choose from Inspire 500, 600, 800 and 1000 models, each with a wide range of design options, innovative performance features and easy installation.